-odir behaviour change in 6.4.1?

Andres Loeh loeh at iai.uni-bonn.de
Thu Aug 11 09:56:14 EDT 2005

Hello again,

> > Is this change in behaviour between ghc-6.4 and ghc-6.4.1 desired:
> > 
> > ~/trans $ ls foo
> > foo.c
> > ~/trans $ ghc-6.4 -odir foo -c foo/foo.c
> > ~/trans $ ls foo
> > foo.c  foo.o
> > ~/trans $ rm foo/foo.o
> > ~/trans $ ls foo
> > foo.c
> > ~/trans $ ghc- -odir foo -c foo/foo.c
> > ~/trans $ ls foo
> > foo  foo.c
> > ~/trans $ ls foo/foo
> > foo.o
> > 
> > It seems to break cabal-1.1.1, in the case that I have something
> > like
> > 
> > c-sources: foo/foo.c
> > 
> > in my .cabal file ...
> Yes, this change was made for consistency (someone else reported the
> breakage).  I've also patched Cabal, so perhaps you're using a version
> from before the fix?

I must be doing something wrong, then.

With the dummy package at http://www.iai.uni-bonn.de/~loeh/cabalghc.tar.gz,
the ghc 6.4.1 snapshot from 20050809 and a build of Cabal from the darcs
repository I get:

~/trans/cabalghc $ ghc-pkg list Cabal
    (Cabal-1.0), Cabal-1.1.2
~/trans/cabalghc $ runhaskell Setup configure
Setup: Warning: No license-file field.
Configuring cabalghc-1.0...
configure: Using install prefix: /usr/local
configure: Using compiler: /usr/bin/ghc
configure: Compiler flavor: GHC
configure: Compiler version:
configure: Using package tool: /usr/bin/ghc-pkg
configure: Using haddock: /usr/bin/haddock
configure: Using happy: /usr/bin/happy
configure: Using alex: /usr/bin/alex
configure: Using hsc2hs: /usr/bin/hsc2hs
configure: Using c2hs: /usr/bin/c2hs
configure: No cpphs found
configure: No greencard found
configure: Dependency base-any: using base-1.0
~/trans/cabalghc $ runhaskell Setup build -v 
Preprocessing library cabalghc-1.0...
Preprocessing executables for cabalghc-1.0...
Building cabalghc-1.0...
/usr/bin/ghc -package-name cabalghc -odir dist/build -hidir dist/build -hide-all-packages --make -i -i. -package base-1.0 Bar
Chasing modules from: Bar
Compiling Bar              ( Bar.hs, dist/build/Bar.o )
/usr/bin/ar q dist/build/libHScabalghc-1.0.a dist/build/Bar.o
/usr/bin/ar: creating dist/build/libHScabalghc-1.0.a
/usr/bin/ld -r -x -o dist/build/HScabalghc-1.0.o dist/build/Bar.o
hsSourceDirs: ["."]
/usr/bin/ghc -odir dist/build/foo/foo-tmp/foo -hidir dist/build -c foo/foo.c
/usr/bin/ghc -odir dist/build/foo/foo-tmp -hidir dist/build/foo/foo-tmp -o dist/build/foo/foo -hide-all-packages --make -i -i. -package base-1.0 dist/build/foo/foo-tmp/foo/foo.o Main.hs
Chasing modules from: Main.hs
Compiling Main             ( Main.hs, dist/build/foo/foo-tmp/Main.o )
Linking ...
gcc: dist/build/foo/foo-tmp/foo/foo.o: No such file or directory

The file foo.o is at dist/build/foo/foo-tmp/foo/foo/foo.o ...


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