upgrading Cabal in ghc-6.4.1-pre

Konovalov, Vadim vkonovalov at spb.lucent.com
Mon Aug 8 07:44:45 EDT 2005


> Then,                   ghci -package Cabal
> reports of  Cabal-1.0.
> I need to upgrade Cabal to 1.1.1. 
> To do this, I unfold new Cabal to  
>                                /home/mechvel/ghc/cabal/1.1.1/cabal/
> Then I do
>           cd /home/mechvel/ghc/cabal/1.1.1/cabal/


> ---------------------------------------------------
> Preprocessing library dumatel-1.3...
> Building dumatel-1.3...
> Chasing modules from: 
> Dumatel,Dumatel.Prelude,Dumatel.Prelude5,Dumatel.TermComp,Duma
> tel.Reduce,Dumatel.CritPair,Dumatel.KBC,Dumatel.Bool,Dumatel.B
> Term,Dumatel.ReduceBT,Dumatel.UKBB,Dumatel.Prover,Dumatel.Demo
> Test.Test,Dumatel.DemoTest.T_kbcTrad,Dumatel.DemoTest.T_ukb,Du
> matel.DemoTest.T_logicSimp,Dumatel.DemoTest.T_nat,Dumatel.Demo
> Test.T_list,Prelude0,Prelude0_0,Prelude1,Prelude2,Prelude2_0,P
> relude3,Prelude3_0,Prelude3_1,Prelude4,Bool0,BTerm0,BTerm1,Pro
> Could not find module `Prelude':
>   it is a member of package base-1.0, which is hidden
>   (imported from Dumatel.hs)
> ---------------------------------------------------

I faced similar problem when building a module with ghc-6.5-pre, asked
similar question on this list and received following advice:
 Cabal hides all packages when using GHC 6.5. Add 'base' to
 build-depends in trhsx's cabal file and send a patch to the author.


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