mixing x86_64 and i386

Gabriel Ebner ge at gabrielebner.at
Mon Aug 8 06:19:53 EDT 2005

skaller wrote:

> On Sun, 2005-08-07 at 02:15 -0700, John Meacham wrote:
>> Just thought I'd share a little hack...
>> linux has a command 'setarch' which changes the current architecture so
>> you can do things like build i386 rpms on a x86_64 system...
> skaller at rosella:~$ man setarch
> No manual entry for setarch
> skaller at rosella:~$ setarch
> bash: setarch: command not found
> skaller at rosella:~$

Maybe setarch is some RedHat-ism for linux32?

gebner at achatina:~$ apropos linux32
linux32 (1)          - Set 32 bit uname emulation processes.
gebner at achatina:~$ uname -m
gebner at achatina:~$ linux32 uname -m


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