STM and unsafePerformIO

Robert van Herk rherk at
Wed Aug 3 06:50:54 EDT 2005

Hello All,

I think I've read somewhere that STM doesn't like unsafePerformIO. 
However, I would like to use a global STM variable. Something like this:

*module* Main *where*
import GHC.Conc
import System.IO.Unsafe

tSid = unsafePerformIO (atomically (newTVar 0))

tickSessionID :: STM Int
tickSessionID =
  *do* sid <- readTVar tSid
     writeTVar tSid (sid + 1)
     return sid

main = atomically tickSessionID

But, when I try this, the evaluation of main causes a segmentation 
fault. Is there a workaround for this bug?


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