GHCI crashes without error message

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Thu Apr 28 04:46:54 EDT 2005

On 27 April 2005 17:30, Robert van Herk wrote:

> It seems that the problem of the spontanious crash in ghci, without an
> error message, occurs because I use a wrong buffering strategy on a
> handle: 
> When I include the line
>   hSetBuffering handle LineBuffering
> in my program, the program crashes at random moments, without error
> messages. When I comment it out, it works ok. The handle in the above
> example is a socket. My program is a web server.

You're probably encountering the SIGPIPE problem.  If you set SIGPIPE to
be ignored and the problem still persists, then can you boil down the
problem case to something we can reproduce?


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