Edison Libraries in ghc 6.4

Carlos Areces carlos at science.uva.nl
Sun Apr 17 06:28:25 EDT 2005

Dear All,
   We are using Glasgow Haskell for the implemenation of a theorem prover.
We use the Edison Libraries for efficient implementations of Sets and Heaps.
We have a stable version of the prover with no problems and fairly good performance
working on ghc 6.2.
   We have just installed ghc 6.4 and when compiling the source code we've 
received many warnings like the following one:

    Warning: Deprecated use of type constructor or class `Min'
             (imported from MinHeap)
             This module is unmaintained, and will disappear soon

   We are making heavy use of types from the Edison library, so we get quite a 
number of warnings, implying changes all over our code to correct them.

   Which are exactly the problems with the Edison Library?  And what's its
future with respect to ghc?  If we should abandon Edison, which are the alternatives 
which will be supported by ghc in the future?  In a number of cases, we can already 
use alternative data types provided in the Data Module (e.g., Map as replacement of 
FiniteMap), but we couldn't find an alternative to MinHeap.  Also, Set is implemented 
in Data as a Balanced Tree, while the Unbalanced version provided by Edison was 
sufficient for our application.

   Any help/guidance very welcome.  Best, Carlos.

Carlos Eduardo Areces          
INRIA Lorraine

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