installing ghc without already having ghc

Jessica Brennan [staff] jib at
Thu Apr 7 11:38:38 EDT 2005

I am trying to install ghc-6.4 on netbsd20. I read through the install 
instructions, however they say you need a working copy of ghc already.

"10.2. Porting GHC to a new architecture" looks to be the section I want 
to be in for installing ghc, however the very next thing it says you need 

10.2.1 Cross-compiling to produce an unregisterised GHC
"Firstly, you need a machine that already has a working GHC"

Unfortunatly I don't have this. Is there a section I missed on building 
ghc that doesn't need a machine with a working copy?


jib at

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