BeOS port

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at
Thu Sep 30 19:29:43 EDT 2004

> Hi,
> is there someone doing a BeOS port of GHC? If not, I would like to try 
> it (if not too time-consuming).
> What problems did you run into when porting GHC to FreeBSD or any other 
> POSIX platform?

Mostly tiny differences in the Posix implementation. For example,
missing functions in C libraries, missing types, or sometimes extra
arguments to functions.

> Why do you not offer .hc packages of different builds (FreeBSD and/or 
> Linux)? I could use them as a very good starting point. Or could anyone 
> please create a zip with those files generated from such a build?

They aren't portable. You'll need to generate your own (using config.h
from the target machine) following the instructions on the building
section of the manual.

It should be quite possible :)

-- Don

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