Registering packages

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Mon Sep 27 09:20:19 EDT 2004

On 22 September 2004 21:37, Geoff C wrote:

> Howdy,
> I am trying to set up GHC with wxHaskell and run a couple of samples
> in Win2K Professional.
> I have GHC in		c:\Program Files\ghc-6.2.1\
> and wxHaskell in	c:\Program Files\wxhaskell-0,8\
> The setup batch file for wxHaskell could not register the packages, or
> copy the DLL to the system32 directory.  I manually copied the DLL,
> and tried to register the packages with GHC.  I set the PATH
> environment variable to include the GHC directory.
> I am typing the following commands and the command prompt:
>    ghc-pkg -u -i "c:\progra~1\wxhaskell-0.8\bin\wxcore.pkg"
>    ghc-pkg -u -i "c:\progra~1\wxhaskell-0.8\bin\wx.pkg"
> Each time, I get an error 'Unable to expand variable "wxhlibdir"' when
> the program is trying to expand embedded variables.
> I went ahead and put GHC in my program file directory because I did
> not intend to use cygwin (which I understand has a problem with spaces
> in file/dir names).  Usually, however, using "Progra~1" instead of
> "Program Files" allows programs which don't like spaces to run.  Could
> this be the problem?

Looks like wxHaskell needs to set an environment variable when
installing the package, but because you did it by hand you didn't have
this environment variable set.

Why didn't the normal wxHaskell install work for you?


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