Registering packages

Geoff C gaufridus at
Wed Sep 22 16:36:47 EDT 2004


I am trying to set up GHC with wxHaskell and run a couple of samples
in Win2K Professional.

I have GHC in		c:\Program Files\ghc-6.2.1\
and wxHaskell in	c:\Program Files\wxhaskell-0,8\

The setup batch file for wxHaskell could not register the packages, or
copy the DLL to the system32 directory.  I manually copied the DLL,
and tried to register the packages with GHC.  I set the PATH
environment variable to include the GHC directory.

I am typing the following commands and the command prompt:

   ghc-pkg -u -i "c:\progra~1\wxhaskell-0.8\bin\wxcore.pkg"
   ghc-pkg -u -i "c:\progra~1\wxhaskell-0.8\bin\wx.pkg"

Each time, I get an error 'Unable to expand variable "wxhlibdir"' when
the program is trying to expand embedded variables.

I went ahead and put GHC in my program file directory because I did
not intend to use cygwin (which I understand has a problem with spaces
in file/dir names).  Usually, however, using "Progra~1" instead of
"Program Files" allows programs which don't like spaces to run.  Could
this be the problem?

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?  

Thank you,
   -- Geoff C

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