problem building for cygwin

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Thu Sep 16 04:43:58 EDT 2004

On 16 September 2004 01:57, Beni Kavanagh wrote:

> Hi I'm trying to build for cygwin.
>> From a clean windows box I
> Installed cygwin to c:/cygwin
> Added c:/cygwin/bin to path
> Installed MSys and MinGW in c:/msys and c:/mingw   (did not add path)
> Installed ghc to c:/ghc/ghc-6.2.1
> Untarred source to c:/ghc/ghc-6.2.1    (same dir)
> Copied perl from ghc dist to /cygwin/bin/perl
> Downloaded and build happy and alex     (not that this is necessary
> but built just fine)
> Ran ./configure --with-ghc=c:/ghc/ghc-6.2.1/bin/ghc --with-
>                                          gcc=c:/cygwin/bin/gcc
> make
> failed while trying to build ghc/compiler. The build rules give the
> argument -package unix but the binary ghc release from
> is a mingw version and so doesn't have package unix.
> Of course inorder to build the unix library I need
> ghc/compiler/ghc-inplace and I'm now skuppered. 
> Has anyone else ran into this problem. Am I making a mistake?

In the terminology of the build system, you're building with
host=i386-unknown-mingw32 and target=i386-unknown-cygwin32.  Try
configuring with those options.

Sounds like the compiler's Makefile should be checking the host rather
than the target when adding -package unix too.


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