Profiling makes FFI Marshalling of Doubles and Int64s fail

Bayley, Alistair Alistair_Bayley at
Wed Sep 15 05:20:15 EDT 2004

Thanks, including the header does fix it. I was lazy, as you can link quite
easily against a DLL without having to provide a header; just the import
decls suffice, plus -l and -L directives. I have had this problem (not using
the -I directive) in a different guise, when trying to optimise.

I've added the header to the foreign import decls e.g. foreign import
"sqlite.h sqlite3_open" ... I left it out earlier because this version of
the Sqlite library ships just as a DLL, with no accompanying header. I
downloaded the source and found one I could use (I *hope* it's the right
one), but it does make you wonder what C (and other) programmers who want to
use the library are expected to do...


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AFAICS, it seems as the asm code generator knows about the Haskell types 
and therefore knows how to fetch the bits correctly, while the via-C 
code generator simply uses the C function calls (without prototypes), so 
functions return types are defaulted to int.

Also, you can try adding -Wall and see if the C compiler warns about 
this (mine does).

The GHC user's guide (section 8.2.2) is also insightful. It seems that 
using C headers is pretty much required, or, as the guide itself says, 
"You're crazy not to do it". ;-)

Roberto Zunino.

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