Marshalling Haskell String <-> UTF-8

Bayley, Alistair Alistair_Bayley at
Wed Sep 1 09:51:47 EDT 2004

> From: George Russell [mailto:ger at]
> 564.html

Thanks George, this looks useful.

There are some things I want to clarify...

module UTF8(
       -- :: String -> String
       -- Converts a String (whose characters must all have codes <2^31)
       -- its UTF8 representation.
       -- :: Monad m => String -> m String
       -- Converts a UTF8 representation of a String back into the String,
       -- catching all possible format errors.

Does toUTF8 return a String whose Chars are all code-points < 256, which,
when converted to bytes, will represent a UTF-8 string?

Likewise, does fromUTF8WE expect a String whose Chars are all code-points <
256 i.e. they are the result of saying "chr n" for each byte in the UTF-8

> From: Simon Marlow [mailto:simonmar at]
> In any case, none of this allows you to specify a UTF-8 conversion.

Are there plans to add UTF-8 (and UTF-16) conversion functions to the
libraries? I imagine they would be useful...

> Your best bet is to marshal it yourself.  We're a bit behind in this
> area: 6.2.x doesn't have CAString and CWString, and CString is just 
> char*.  The HEAD has CAString and CWString, and will hopefully follow 
> the FFI spec by the time we release 6.4 (we still have to do the 
> locale encoding/decoding between CString and String, IIRC).

Again, I want to clarify some things...

 - will any encoding/decoding be performed by the
peekCString/withCString/newCString(Len) functions? i.e. if I want to avoid
encoding/decoding (because I know my string is already in UTF-8) then I
simply have to avoid using these functions?

 - can I still declare the foreign functions with CString types without
worrying that encoding/decoding might be attempted?

 - when the CAString functions are available then I should use them, but for
now I will have to write something that uses castCharToCChar/castCCharToChar
+ peekArray0/pokeArray0.


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