runInteractiveProcess is broken

Peter Simons simons at
Sat Oct 30 08:30:56 EDT 2004

Simon Marlow writes:

 >> test1 :: IO ()
 >> test1 = do
 >>   (_,_,_, pid) <- runInteractiveProcess "/usr/bin/sleep"
 >>         ["3"] Nothing Nothing
 >>   sleep 1
 >>   rc <- waitForProcess pid
 >>   print rc

 > I can't repeat this, it works here:
 > *Main> test1
 > ExitSuccess
 > *Main> test2
 > Just ExitSuccess

 > Maybe run it through strace and send us the output?

I cannot reproduce the error myself anymore! I have no idea
what has changed; suddenly 'test1' and 'test2' both work
reliably -- whether I catch sigCHLD or not. It used to work
only when I did catch the signal. This is really bizarre.

The moment I see some strange behavior from these functions
again, I'll strace it right away and will come back to the
topic. Let's hope it never happens.

Thanks for the support everybody!


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