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Wed Oct 13 09:09:29 EDT 2004

(I assume you mean GHC.)

Don't look at the compiler, look at the user manual.  That describes
what's supported.  I have no current plans to withdraw any of the
current support.


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| What is the situation with deriving?
| Some instances can be derived automatically for both data/newtype
(built in)?
| Some instances cen be derived automatically for newtype (any)?
| You used to be able to define functions useing {|+|} and {|*|} (or
| that could be derived for both data and newtype.
| What is the current status, which methods are supported, and will be
| supported going forward.
| I ask this because looking at the code in the compiler it seems very
| difficault to extend. It would be to specify how to derive new
| once and for all...
| 	Keean.
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