BeOS port

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at
Sat Oct 2 21:13:30 EDT 2004

> Hi,
> is it possible to use a simpler build system for GHC? :)

It isn't so bad. It seems to be quite portable :)

> Could someone please have a look at the build logs?
> Note that I got the same errors when building on Linux!

make[1]: *** No rule to make target `Control/Arrow.o', needed by `libHSbase.a'.  Stop.

Can't spot this one. But make sure you follow the host and target rules
on the Porting page of the website.

> I also ported some .c files. You can find the source here:
> When I manually went into the ghc folder and ran make the .c files were 
> compiled successfully.
> Then, I had problems with the mangler, but that was a bug in Perl, I 
> think. I commented out:
> die "Prologue junk?: $p\n" if $p =~ /^\s+[^\s\.]/;
> and it worked fine. That is must be a bug in Perl because running this 
> check in some other script does not fail.

The mangler shouldn't really be invoked in a bootstrap build -- it
hasn't yet been tuned to BeOS. Are you invoking the distrib/hc-build
script on the BeOs machine like so?
        ./distrib/hc-build --enable-hc-boot-unregisterised

> The next error was that my shell did not understand the script for 
> "Ways". I just commented it out and it began looping and always saying 
> that it tries to compile ways, then it restarts the whole makefile and 
> begins with gmp and so on...never ending.

What file are you referring to as "Ways"? What was the error?
What shell are you using? (sh, bash etc are good)
Which version of make? Is it GNU make? (the build system depends on this)

> Could somebody please install a freeware version of BeOS on his 
> computer and try to fix what is broken? I think fixing the build 
> scripts is beyond my capabilities.

Installing BeOS may be beyond my capabilities ;)  But we will certainly
help with any questions.

-- Don

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