AIX 5.1L Build of GHC 6.2.1

John Goerzen jgoerzen at
Fri Oct 1 23:25:47 EDT 2004


Whew!  This was the toughest bootstrap I've done in a long time.  Thanks
to help from people here, I have built a working GHC 6.2.1 for
AIX5.1L.  (The last GHC I could find for AIX was GHC 2.09!)

Find it at:

or for the gopher-impaired

I have posted the "binary distribution" generated by the make system as
well as a tarball containing my fully built source tree.  There's also a
info file describing how I finally made it work.

Thanks very much to everyone on these two lists that provided hints
along the way.  I appreciate it!

For the curious, this was bootstrapped from Debian on x86.  It is built
for PowerPC using gcc 3.3.2.

Please feel free to post either or both of these on the GHC download
page.  (Is there someone specific I should contact about that?)

These are unregisterized builds.  Porting the registerized system and
interpreter are beyond my expertise, and things I don't need, but maybe
this will provide a start for someone else to do that.

(Please note: the binary dist has uploaded to the site but my build tree
is still uploading as I type this, so please give it about an hour
before you try to download that, or you'll get a partial file.)

John Goerzen
Author, Foundations of Python Network Programming

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