BeOS port

Waldemar Kornewald Waldemar.Kornewald at
Fri Oct 1 12:58:49 EDT 2004

Donald Bruce Stewart wrote:

 >>>>Why do you not offer .hc packages of different builds (FreeBSD and/or
 >>>>Linux)? I could use them as a very good starting point. Or could 
 >>>>please create a zip with those files generated from such a build?
 >> They aren't portable. You'll need to generate your own (using config.h
 >> from the target machine) following the instructions on the building
 >> section of the manual.
 >> It should be quite possible :)

Maybe, but I always (Linux+BeOS) get errors that some .o file could not 
be created.
Something like:
Make: could not create target Control/Arrow.o ... Stop.
I do not have the correct message.
How are the .hs files generated and why are they not generated in BeOS 
and Linux?

Now, compiling in the ghc folder starts correctly and I get errors about 
  missing itimer (can I safely disable that or should I add an emulator 
for it?) and mmap. Will the libraries be compiled after that?

I saw comments about BeOS in the code. Did someone try to port it already?

Thank you.

Waldemar Kornewald

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