Compiling data

Ketil Malde ketil+haskell at
Thu May 27 05:41:24 EDT 2004


I've recently tried to compile some data into my program, and suddenly
I realize why people tend to complain about the speed of GHC.

For a benchmark, I'd like to include a bit of data in the form of a
list of integer matrices (i.e. [[[Int]]]).  While I have about 10000 of
them, sized about twenty square, even 100 of them takes extremely
long to compile.  Is there a trick to make this faster?

(For short lists (1-8 matrices), time seems to scale linarly, but the
100-matrix took much longer than expected from a simple extrapolation)

Also, it takes a long time before any error is produced, it'd be nice
if syntactical problems were reported as quickly as possible (perhaps
they are?)

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