ghc-devel for darwinports

Gregory Wright gwright at
Thu May 20 19:25:39 EDT 2004

This is a good idea.  Maybe the infrastructure can support a haskell
directory under lang/ where all of the haskell ports could reside.

The existing arrangement is modeled on FreeBSD's port layout,
which is a relatively flat hierarchy. This, I think, was caused by
the limitations of using makefiles. Darwinports is driven by tcl
scripts so in principle there is no reason not to organize the port
tree as a deeper hierarchy.

This would especially help the perl/python/gtk maintainers, as the
number of supported versions grows.

BTW, sometime soon I'll put together a haskell toolkit meta-port,
which will build ghc, alex, haddock, buddha, c2hs, hat
and anything else that people want. The idea is to have a consistent
set of versions, so you can start a build in the evening and have
a consistent, working ghc development environment ready
to use by the time you enjoy a cup of coffee the next morning.


On May 20, 2004, at 5:22 PM, David Leimbach wrote:

> Do we have enough Haskell now for it to have it's own category?
> Python and other languages have their own category and it makes
> it easier for folks like me to "browse the haskell library" of 
> darwinports.
> That is unless we can get some kind of decent query system in 
> Darwinports
> for finding out what's available.  I think a good enough query system 
> would
> make most categories somewhat superfluous.
> dave

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