Namespace trouble

Jorge Adriano Aires jadrian at
Thu May 20 18:01:10 EDT 2004

> Jorge Adriano Aires <jadrian at> writes:
> > I have the following structure:
> > > MyProgram/A.hs
> > > MyProgram/Aux/B.hs
> > > MyProgram/Aux/C.hs
> You have already received replies to your question, so let me make a
> different point.  If you ever intend your program to work on Windows,
> do not use "Aux" as a file or directory name!  The libraries mailing
> list has some recent experience of this.  (Apparently "Aux" is a
> reserved filename on Windows and you get strange behaviour if you
> try to use it for anything else.)

Thanks for the tip, I'm working in linux though and Aux was really just an 
example :)


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