reaching Happy parser

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at
Mon May 17 13:06:43 EDT 2004

> Please, who knows how to download and install in the easiest 
> way the  
>                              Happy parser
> (today, within 3-4 hours) ?
> The situation is as follows
> * RedHat linux (version about 8), libc-2.2, i386-unknown,
> *  (configure: error: 
>     Happy version  1.13  or later is required to compile GHC
>    )
> *   is through the Yale machine and is not
>                      reachible today from our
> Maybe, you now some mirrors ...

happy is mirrored in the FreeBSD and OpenBSD "distfiles" directory on
many ftp sites. e.g.

Much common Haskell src is available from these projects' sites, and I
think this is not well known outside of the BSD community.

-- Don

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