GHC 6.2.1 compilation fails when compiling FFI code with -prof or -O2

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Wed May 5 16:17:19 EDT 2004

On 21 April 2004 13:49, Bayley, Alistair wrote:

> Sorry for the stupidity... just found the -I<dir> option...
> Although it is a bit frustrating when an FFI program that used to
> compile stops when you add supposedly "harmless" options such as -O
> or -prof. Might be worth adding a section to the FFI section of the
> manual about using the -I<dir> flag when compiling via C, as -I<dir>
> is not needed when you compile with native code generation. And a
> mention in the FFI section that -prof and -O will change the
> compilation strategy from native to via-C (thus possibly requiring
> the addition of the -I<dir> flag) would be nice, although I realise
> that's duplicating information available elsewhere. 

I've updated the docs and added a FAQ entry along these lines.


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