Haskell performance

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Thu Mar 18 19:35:02 EST 2004

G'day all.

Quoting Sébastien Pierre <sebastien.pierre at adival.com>:

> I am still unsure of whether Haskell would be a good competitor against
> other languages in my case, but it seems like if it does the best option
> would be to reuse C++ graph libraries and carefully write a wrapper
> around them to minimize passing values between C and Haskell worlds.

As a matter of curiosity, have you considered prototyping your program
in Haskell first, and then subsequently translating it into C++?
(Boost.Graph is supposed to be quite good, incidentally.)

If Haskell provides more rapid development (and I think it does), then
you can spend time in Haskell making your algorithms work, finding the
"hot spots" and generally optimising it, then translating parts of it
into C++ as needed.

Andrew Bromage

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