Sequential codes for LinSolv and Ray Tracer

Heron heron_carvalho at
Tue Mar 16 00:38:29 EST 2004


     a simple question: how can I obtain the sequential code for LinSolv and
Ray Tracer programs used in [Loidl, 2000] (see below) ? Is it available
on-line ? I have downloaded their parallel GpH versions from, but I
need their sequential versions.

Best Regards,

[Loidl, 2000] H.-W. Loidl, U. Klusik, K. Hammond, R. Loogen, and P. rinder.
GpH and Eden: Comparing Two Parallel Functional Languages on a Beowulf
Cluster. In SFP'00 - Scottish Funct. Progr. Workshop, rends in Functional
Programming, Vol. 2, pages 39-52. Intellect, 2000.

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