Release Candidate for 6.2.1 available

Gour gour at
Sun Mar 14 12:39:18 EST 2004

Claus Reinke (claus.reinke at wrote:

> since I was among those who asked for more frequent windows
> binaries, I thought I should have a go at this (on windows 98). I
> found two problems so far (both not new), but otherwise it looks
> okay.

In my attempt to build ghc-6.2.1 from source in MSYS/MinGW environment, I've
encountered a problem that ghc does not 'play' nicely with pthreads library
(available at

pthread.h is recognized, but during the build time, there are syntax errors
and I had to remove pthread.h from the path (unfortunately it does not solve
a problem of the whole build).

otoh, darcs uses pthread library without any problem.


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