Release Candidate for 6.2.1 available

Peter Strand peter at
Fri Mar 12 18:33:33 EST 2004

Sigbjorn Finne wrote:

>An installer for Windows users can now also be found in
>that directory.
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>From: "Simon Marlow" <simonmar at>
>Subject: RE: Release Candidate for 6.2.1 available
>>>   ghc-6.2.20040304 and later are release candidates for 6.2.1
>>>Get them from here:
>>This is your last chance to test...  I'm going to freeze the release on
>>Monday (15 March).

If installed under a directory with spaces, it fails to produce object files.
6.2 has the same problem, 6.0.1 works. 

End of output from "ghc -v --make t.hs":

C:\ghc\ghc 6.2.1\gcc -B"C:\ghc\ghc 6.2.1\gcc-lib/" -I. -I. -c C:\DOCUME~1\peter\
LOCALS~1\Temp\ghc536.s -o t.o

Failed: C:\ghc\ghc 6.2.1\gcc -B"C:\ghc\ghc 6.2.1\gcc-lib/" -I. -I. -c C:\DOCUME~
1\peter\LOCALS~1\Temp\ghc536.s -o t.orawSystem: does not exist (No such file or directory)
*** Deleting temp files
Deleting: C:/DOCUME~1/peter/LOCALS~1/Temp/ghc536.s


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