confused by core

Ian Lynagh igloo at
Tue Mar 9 19:32:25 EST 2004


If I have this Foo.hs:

module Foo (foo) where

import Word (Word8)
import Control.Monad.ST (ST)
import Data.Array.ST (STUArray, writeArray)

foo :: STUArray s Int Word8 -> [Word8] -> Int -> ST s ()
foo arr ps i = writeArray arr i w
  where i' = 4 * i
        w = ps !!  i'

and I compile with (GHC 6.2 and a reasonably recent CVS)

    ghc -O -funbox-strict-fields -Wall -c Foo.hs -ddump-simpl

then part of the output is:

              let {
                n :: GHC.Prim.Int#
                Str: DmdType
                n = GHC.Prim.*# 4 ww3
              } in 
                case GHC.Prim.<# n 0 of wild1 {

Is this really a lazy let, or is there some magic going on that means it
is actually done strictly as it's an Int#? Like how ISTR Int#s always
appear to have strictness L (these inconsitencies make things much more
difficult as a user IMO, incidentally).


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