Strictness confusion

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Fri Jun 25 04:39:10 EDT 2004

Indeed.  GHC's existing strictness analyser answers precisely this
question too -- that's not the point.  The question is what it does with
the information.  At the moment the info flows upwards to x's binding
site.  What's wanted here is to make it flow downwards to x's uses.


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| > b) Adding a new top-down sweep to the strictness analyser.
| >     (e.g. "what demand is placed on x by evaluating (f (g x))?").
| IIRC, the Yale Haskell compiler did this kind of thing.  I joined the
| team late in the development so I don't know how effective it was or
what the
| interesting issues were but there's plenty of papers/ research reports
| Yale's strictness analysis and optimization.
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