Gracjan Polak gracjan at acchsh.com
Tue Jun 22 15:37:17 EDT 2004


In the following code only processInit and processClose get ever called, 
other callbacks are *never* invoked. Is this known problem? Do I miss 
something obvious?

How do I get the handle of main window?

Here is the code:

module Main where
import Graphics.UI.ObjectIO

processAttributes =
     [ ProcessActivate processActivate
     , ProcessDeactivate processDeactivate	
     , ProcessClose processClose	
     , ProcessOpenFiles processOpenFiles	
     -- , ProcessWindowPos ItemPos	
     -- , ProcessWindowSize Size	
     , ProcessWindowResize processWindowResize	
     --, ProcessToolbar [ToolbarItem ps]	
     -- , ProcessNoWindowMenu

processInit ps = do
     liftIO $ putStrLn "processInit"
     return ps

processActivate ps = do
     liftIO $ putStrLn "processActivate"
     return ps

processDeactivate ps = do
     liftIO $ putStrLn "processDeactivate"
     return ps

processClose ps = do
     liftIO $ putStrLn "processClose"
     closeProcess ps

processOpenFiles files ps = do
     liftIO $ putStrLn ("processOpenFiles " ++ show files)
     return ps

processWindowResize oldsize newsize ps = do
     liftIO $ putStrLn ("processWindowResize" ++ show newsize)
     return ps

main = do
     startIO SDI () processInit processAttributes

Pozdrawiam, Regards,

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