trying to install unregistered build on linux w/ uClibc

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Fri Jun 18 11:59:21 EDT 2004

On 18 June 2004 16:50, Bennett Todd wrote:

> Alas, still no joy.
> This sequence:
>     tar xjf ghc-6.2.1-src.tar.bz2
>     tar xzf ghc-6.2.1-i386-unknown-linux-hc.tar.gz
>     cd ghc-6.2.1
>     ./configure --enable-hc-boot --enable-hc-boot-unregisterised
>     --prefix=/usr ./distrib/hc-build --enable-hc-boot-unregisterised
>     --prefix=/usr make ProjectsThatExist="glafp-utils ghc libraries
> hslibs" prefix=$BPM_ROOT/usr install install-docs 

I think you need to 'make all' before 'make install'.


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