Unregistered build (was Re: AMD64)

Peter Robinson listener at thaldyron.com
Thu Jun 17 09:08:06 EDT 2004

On Thursday 17 June 2004 15:01, Gerd M wrote:
> Unfortunately I've only got one gcc version installed at the moment and I'm
> not sure if installing another version won't break something... Maybe I
> will give it another try later this week, thanks for your help so far!
> Regards
> Gerd

Since I'm already following this thread for a while I thought I could give it 
a try too. 
I got exactly the same error (internal compiler error) like Gerd when I used 
After switching to gcc-3.3.3 (Gentoo _does_ make this easy - just use 
gcc-config to switch) this error dissappeared but I'm getting another one 
later in the build process instead:

==fptools== make all -wr;
 in /home/thaldyron/var/ghcbuild/ghc-6.2.20040613/libraries/base
rm -f GHC/Base.o; if [ ! -d GHC/Base_split ]; then mkdir GHC/Base_split; 
else /usr/bin/find GHC/Base_split -name '*.o' -print | xargs rm -f __rm_food; 
../../ghc/compiler/ghc-inplace -H16m -O -fglasgow-exts -cpp -Iinclude 
-#include HsBase.h -funbox-strict-fields -package-name base -O -Rghc-timing  
-split-objs    -c GHC/Base.lhs -o GHC/Base.o  -ohi GHC/Base.hi
warning: don't know how to  split object files on this architecture
<<ghc: 269401816 bytes, 29 GCs, 1750804/2899568 avg/max bytes residency (4 
samples), 18M in use, 0.00 INIT (0.00 elapsed), 1.55 MUT (4.41 elapsed), 0.22 
GC (0.24 elapsed) :ghc>>
(cd GHC/ && /usr/bin/ld -r -x -o Base.o Base_split/*.o);
/usr/bin/ld: Base_split/*.o: No such file: No such file or directory
make[2]: *** [GHC/Base.o] Error 1
make[1]: *** [all] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory 
make: *** [build] Error 1

Any help is welcome!

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