DLLs and shared libraries

Andrei de A. Formiga archimedes_siracusa at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 13 22:03:23 EDT 2004


   I need to generate DLLs (in Windows) and shared
libraries (in unix environments) that expose some
Haskell functions (directly or through a C stub). My
first option is having ghc generate the libs directly
with the foreign export functions. But, searching
through the documentation, FAQ, web and some part of
the list archives, I didn't find any mention about how
to do this. The manual mentions the capability to
create DLLs in windows but as not working and
unsupported. If this is possible to do in all or most
platforms supported by ghc, I would be glad to know

   If it's not, the plan is link object files
generated by ghc into a DLL/shared library, maybe
using C stubs to call the Haskell functions. I'm going
to experiment with this soon, but if there's already
some ready-made guide about how to link ghc-generated
objects, possibily together with C object files, using
ld, that would be great. I suspect I have to refer to
all the auto packages during the link. If that's all
there's to it, is there a list of all the libs that
need to be linked in ?

   Thanks in advance for any help and sorry if this
question is somehow inadequate to the list (I just
joined, but have been looking for help for ages). 

[]s, Andrei de A. Formiga

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