Finalizers and FFI

Gracjan Polak gracjan at
Tue Jun 8 15:19:46 EDT 2004

Hi all,

I would like to attach finalizer (written in Haskell) to some pointer. 
When the pointer won't be needed any more, finalizer should run. So here 
is the code:

module Main where
import Foreign.Ptr
import Foreign.ForeignPtr
import Foreign.Marshal.Alloc

foreign import stdcall "wrapper" mkFin :: (Ptr a -> IO ()) -> IO (FunPtr 
(Ptr a -> IO ()))

finDoIt ptr = putStrLn "My finalizer"

mkFinalizer = mkFin finDoIt

main = do
     (ptr :: Ptr Int) <- malloc
     myFin <- mkFinalizer
     finptr <- newForeignPtr myFin ptr
     putStrLn "End of script"

This script ends with following output:

$ ./finalizers
End of script

Fail: <<loop>>

Also it seems to me that I'm not freeing finalizer stub. Is this code 
leaking memory?

How do I attach finalizer to object in the heap?

Pozdrawiam, Regards,

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