Goran Topic amadan at
Thu Jun 3 10:56:10 EDT 2004


I am a newcomer to functional programming, and I would like to learn it
very much. However, I'm also starting to deal with parallel programming,
and I thought I'd combine my two interests.

So I grabbed the Debian ghc6 package (v6.2), and (after a lot of
searching) found out that I lack the "mp" way. Then I tried grabbing the
sources, and compiling them with WAYS=mp, but when the compiler is
compiling the "mp" way, it does so with the -parallel switch, which
requires the "mp" include files - the very ones I am trying to compile!

Now, several people tried telling me that GpH is a separate project, but
1) it's very out of date
2) ghc source has a ton of PVM references
3) the ghc user manual mentions parallel code I kind of figured that GpH got integrated into ghc. The problem is
that I just can't get it to run!

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Goran Topic

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