ghci: catching up with hugs?-)

Shae Matijs Erisson shae at
Thu Jul 29 14:02:25 EDT 2004

"Claus Reinke" <claus.reinke at> writes:

> - since ghc now keeps better source location info, how about ":find <name>"?

There's a simplistic @index command in lambdabot. All it does is load all the
'name.haddock' binary interface dumps and stick the names into a FiniteMap for
later lookup. It's a popular lambdabot command on the #haskell irc channel.
lambdabot also has @info that calls ghci's :info command.
I would very much like to see instance information in ghci.
I haven't figured out a good way to do searching by type signature though, any

Also seems like integrating haddock and haskell-mode's haskell-doc should be
pretty easy, I'll do that at some point if no one else has.

Any other interesting dev-environment ideas/suggestions floating around?
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