Problem with ghc on Windows ME

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Thu Jan 29 14:43:08 EST 2004

It's called 'raw' because it is supposed to get the arguments through
*unmodified* to the called program.  No file globbing, no escape stuff,

Plain 'system' invokes the shell, and therefore does file globbing.

Anything about escaping in rawSystem is an internal implementation


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| >                                                   The implementation
| > rawSystem will attempt to compensate for the internal translation
| > Windows does on the command-line; on Unix no translation is
| > So clients of rawSystem should be more portable, because they don't
| > to know about quoting that happens under the hood.
| This is probably a silly naming question, but aren't the names of
| 'System.system' and 'rawSystem' the wrong way round?  On the face
| of things, it would seem sensible for System.system to have the more
| portable behaviour, and rawSystem to be dependent on local
| After all, System.system is defined in the official Libraries Report
| making no mention of any portability problems, whereas the name 'raw'
| suggests that no interpretation/quoting is going on, and hence it
| may be highly dependent on the underlying system.
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