Problem with ghc on Windows ME

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at
Wed Jan 28 16:00:14 EST 2004

>| For system, I do need doublequotes in arguments (e.g., when passing
>| complex option flags to the programs invoked, or when the arguments
>| contain strings). Can that really always be avoided for rawSystem?
>Perhaps the comment is misleading.  You can indeed put quotes in
>arguments (they get escaped).  It's backslash followed by quote
>that I don't know how to get into an argument

no, on second reading the comment is not misleading - just my mind
has been warped into adding extra escapes when system is concerned..

So does that mean functionality has been lost in the move from
ghc-6.0.1? Because that (on win98) happily accepts such useful
contraptions as

    System.Cmd.rawSystem "\"c:\\silly space\\Vim\\vim62\\gvim.exe\" --servername GVIM --remote-send
\":echo \\\"hi \\\\\\\" there\\\"<cr>\"" >>= print

(modulo line-wrapping), and does what I hoped it would do,
namely call Vim in a non-standard location, and use it to send
a command to the Vim instance titled GVIM (which will then
display the message |hi " there|).  The corresponding command
to display the message within the same Vim instance would be
|:echo "hi \" there"|, followed by the enter key.

Similarly contrived commands (using system so far) are at the
heart of the way our refactorer HaRe communicates with the
Vim instance from which it was invoked, so I'd be worried about
losing any functionality that might come in handy;-)


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