"Talking" with the compiler

Hans Nikolaus Beck HNBeck at t-online.de
Mon Jan 26 22:57:34 EST 2004


> My plan is to have an API where you can request a :load of a module
> source (perhaps omitting the code generation steps for speed) and then
> request information about the module, by source location (GHC now has
> completely accurate source location information in its abstract
> datatype; we did this recently in order to support the Visual Studio
> work).  The API will most likely be a derivative of the existing
> compilation manager interface: see 
> ghc/compiler/compMan/CompManager.lhs.

What's about the HEP ?
The paper at haskell.org is a little bit old, and I could not find 
newer information about the API or it's use.



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