Compiling HOpenGL Examples with GHC 6.2 Mac OS

Hans Nikolaus Beck HNBeck at
Tue Jan 6 12:21:29 EST 2004


I'm a Haskell newbee and  try to  compile the HOpenGL Examples with GHC 
6.2 Mac OS X with it's build in openGL stuff,  by giving

ghc --make Cube.hs

the answer is :"not find module GLUT and GL", which is understandable 
because in the Cube.hs there is the code

import GL
import GLU

But how to say ghc what he needs ?  Is it -addpackage or -l  option (in 
other words "import" is the same as include in C?) ?

BTW: In the HOpenGL distribution, in the directory lib there is a file 
GL.hs and GLUT.hs which I think are the files needed for teh example 
above.  But I don't found these files  in the new GHC 6.2 distribution, 
is that correct ?

Thanks for your help.


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