inconsistent GHC building documentaion

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Wed Feb 25 11:58:12 EST 2004

> In the "Building the Glasgow Functional Programming Tools 
> Suite", chapter
> 12,  Notes for building under Windows
> (
> ml), it is
> said: "Install an executable Happy, from 
>". The
> latest version of happy in its website is 1.13. When running 
> configure in
> fptools, however, I get the error:
> configure: error: Happy version 1.14 or later is required to 
> compile GHC.

Firstly, discussion about the development versions of GHC usually take
place on cvs-ghc at rather than here (to avoid confusion).

The CVS HEAD currently requires Happy 1.14, which hasn't been released
yet.  It is available in the source tree (fptools/happy), so to build
the CVS HEAD you currently also need to either:

 (a) check out fptools/happy and use --enable-src-tree-happy when 
     configuring GHC.

 (b) Build & install Happy separately from CVS


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