inconsistent GHC building documentaion

Andre W B Furtado andrewilsonfurtado at
Fri Feb 20 20:10:16 EST 2004


In the "Building the Glasgow Functional Programming Tools Suite", chapter
12,  Notes for building under Windows
(, it is
said: "Install an executable Happy, from". The
latest version of happy in its website is 1.13. When running configure in
fptools, however, I get the error:

configure: error: Happy version 1.14 or later is required to compile GHC.


1) Make happy 1.14 available in its website
2) Change GHC building instructions in chapter 12 (saying that version 1.14
of Happy must be used and it can be built from the CVS sources).

BTW, is there any problem using happy 1.14 compiled from source?

-- Andre

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