vim syntax files for GHC-style .lhs, .hs + cpp

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at
Mon Feb 9 12:56:43 EST 2004

Hey all,

        Vim syntax highlighting for GHC-style .lhs and .hs + cpp

Rather than let this just sit on my hd, I'm making them available.

These are vim syntax files for the tex-style (not the bird-feet style)
literate Haskell used in much of GHC, and for normal Haskell with -cpp
preprocessor sprinkles. The directories should go in your ~/.vim/

There is also a preliminary outline of a vim indent file for .hs
code. If you'd like to finish this off, then send me diff's please!

The .lhs file still has a few minor buglets, so by making this stuff
available I'm hoping someone has time to fix them.


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