GHC kit for Windows

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Tue Feb 3 15:34:09 EST 2004

Graham wrote

| > I note that the GHC kit for Windows includes some of the (I presume)
| > MinGW
| > binutil components, but does not include 'ar'.  I find that 'ar' is
| > needed
| > for building HaXml.  May I suggest that 'ar' also be included in
| > kit?

Sigbjorn says

| Adding 'ar' is clearly trivial, but the tools that GHC installers
| include aren't meant to be used by the public, only by GHC
| to avoid having to rely on external tools when compiling&
| linking (e.g., 'gcc' and 'ld' don't work as-is, but need the right
| -B setting). I'm not strongly against it, but adding other dev
| tools does have potential support costs

I'm inclined to agree with Sigbjorn here.  Where would we stop?  GHC
does include some Mingw stuff "in its belly", but you are not supposed
to know or care how GHC does its work.  You certainly aren't expected to
invoke those tools directly.  If you want anything more than GHC, I
think the best thing is to get Mingw or Cygwin or SFU.


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