Is it possible to load bindings into ghci

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Wed Aug 25 11:04:41 EDT 2004

On 25 August 2004 15:06, Andreas Marth wrote:

> Later Tomasz Z.
>> How about this:
>>> def . readFile
>> :. C.hs
>> I guess I got there first ;)
> That works great! And you can even put the ":def . readFile" in the
> .ghci File!
> So now I start ghci with "ghci MyFile" wait until it's finished and do
> ":. all_the_stuff_I_need_in_a_file"
> and every thing is fine!

Yes, that's a neat trick.  I'm annoyed I didn't think of it, especially
since I'm the one who invented :def.  Duh :-)


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