isEmptyChan, System.Posix.Signals

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Sat Aug 14 11:00:13 EDT 2004


Two independent questions/remarks:

1. 'isEmptyChan x' blocks if x is empty and some other thread is waiting
to read from x:

Prelude Control.Concurrent> x <- newChan
Prelude Control.Concurrent> forkIO $ readChan x
Prelude Control.Concurrent> empty <- isEmptyChan x
*** Exception: thread blocked indefinitely

Is that the intended behaviour? Is it possible to make a non-blocking

2. System.Posix.Signals does not export anything on my windows installation:

Prelude System.Posix.Signals> :b System.Posix.Signals

Prelude System.Posix.Signals>

I wanted to include 'installHandler sigPIPE Ignore Nothing' (as mentioned
in the documentation of the Network module) in my program to make it more
portable. Perhaps 'installHandler' could be set to a constant 'return ()'
on windows?

My GHC version is 6.2.
(Please let me apologise in advance in case (some of) these issues have
changed since 6.2.)


Arie Peterson

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