Compiling for Sparc v9 / Solaris 8 using 64-Bit!

Bjoern Voss bvoss at
Tue Apr 27 16:31:01 EDT 2004

Dear all,

I would like to compile my haskell-scripts on a Sparc v9 / Solaris 8 
machine using 64-Bit, cause of insufficient memory using 32-Bit.
GHC is installed on this machine and works fine. The Problem is, that it 
only produces 32-Bit binaries.
Checking the GHC manual and the web didn't deliver me the solution how 
to get GHC to compile for 64-Bit.
I just got some hints that it should work, but not how.

Has anyone an idea?

Best regards
    Bjoern Voss

Bjoern Voss
AG- PI / Technische Fakultaet      EMail: bvoss at
Postfach 100131                   
D-33501 BIELEFELD                  Fon: ++49-521-106-2905

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