sizeFM type

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Tue Apr 27 10:50:03 EDT 2004

On 26 April 2004 16:02, S. Alexander Jacobson wrote:

> On Mon, 26 Apr 2004, Simon Marlow wrote:
>> Probably if the take function were being designed today, there would
>> be no question about whether it should take Int or Integer.  Back
>> then, the Integer overhead was high enough to worry about, and lots
>> of benchmark programs used take/drop.  Nowadays, we can't really
>> change the type of take without breaking just about every Haskell
>> program. 
> Ok, but the whole library hierarchy is pretty new,
> right?  There is no reason for
> Data.FiniteMap.sizeFM to be Int.  Moreover take
> and drop in Data.List could be redefined to take
> Integer without breakage etc.

It is likely that Data.FiniteMap will be replaced soon anyway.  See
recent discussions on libraries at


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