[wxhaskell-users] RE: [Haskell] Dynamically loading wxhaskell?

Andres Loeh andres at cs.uu.nl
Wed Apr 14 19:25:23 EDT 2004

> That is probably the problem. I did not see all messages of this thread,
> but one should indeed use "--with-opengl" on wxHaskell configure if 
> wxWidgets
> was build with "--with-opengl".
> Unfortunately, due to wxWidgets changes, I can not automatically detect the
> need for this flag, but I promise to discuss it with the wxWidgets
> devs.

I think this has been discussed before: as far as I can see, the flag
--with-opengl is always safe, and should therefore be the default.
The call to "wx-config --gl-libs" returns the empty string if
wxWidgets has not been built using GL.


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