Sven Panne Sven.Panne at
Mon Sep 22 14:22:20 EDT 2003

Arunkumar S Jadhav wrote:
> [...] all is well now except that ghc is complaining about GL,
> and GLU packages. Can't these packages be installed in one shot?

Hmmm, there are no GL and GLU packages: With `--enable-hopengl' you
get an OpenGL package (containing the GL/GLU API, there is no point
in distinguishing these parts IMHO) and a GLUT package. The latter
depends on the former, and both are "auto" packages, so even a plain

    ghc --make Hello.hs

should work for your setup. What is the output of:

    ghc-pkg -l
    ghc-pkg -s OpenGL
    ghc-pkg -s GLUT


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